Sico reprised his role as the Rocky 4 Robot hosting the 2016 RIMS Conference on Risk Management.

SICO, the Rocky 4 Robot, addressed an audience of 2,500 Risk Insurance Management executives during the RIMS Keynote opening session in San-Diego, California. With the Rocky 4 Motion Picture theme continuing; the RIMS conference moved to Philadelphia in April of 2017; home of Rocky Balboa, the character portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in the movie that brought great fame to the Robot.

Spanning across 4 decades, SICO’s career has included appearances in more movies, sitcoms, concerts, soap-operas, award-shows, talk & news shows than any robot in history; earning SICO the first and only SAG-AFTRA membership ever appointed to a Robot, as well as a Command Performance at the White House!


IRI robots travel worldwide on behalf of Fortune 500 Companies and groups. We have a solid reputation for reliability and entertainment. Whether it’s a risk management conference or a recycling promotion, our team of robots are well regarded as superb communicators.

We often receive requests for “the robot that was in Rocky 4.” People worldwide have great affection for the SICO model and this became quite apparent when the robot made the Keynote address for the RIMS Conference. The audience cheered with great enthusiasm re-enforcing why it is important not to just entertain but also to create an emotional connection. It is our honor to connect with people all over the world, and to address them in their own language. 

It has always been out intention to humanize technology especially for children. This is why we embark on GoodWill Tours on behalf of our clients, and have done so for the past 40+ years. If you wish to learn more about this, CLICK HERE.

  • Wearing championship boxing gloves and striking the famous Rocky Balboa winner’s pose.

  • Sico will invits conference attendees to take home a souvenir photo with the robot celebrity.