Looking to increase revenue? Rent an IRI robot. We know what we’re doing and have been doing it since 1975.

Rental Robot SICO at Product Promotion Exhibit

Rental Robot SICO at Product Promotion Exhibit

Don’t squander your resources on small, “cute,” trade show robots. Merely being cute does not earn you lasting respect for your product or service.  Life-sized, sophisticated robots will. 

We actually know what we’re doing. Not only that, we love what we do. We love engaging with culturally diverse clients and audiences all over the world. We love helping you get the attention you deserve because often, no other strategy works.  

“We traveled across the globe with Robot SICO and no matter the language, culture, or therapeutic area, SICO was able to communicate to our customers in a more effective way than our exhibit staff, our product branding, or any other form of advertising we employed at the convention and in a more cost-effective manner.” — Pfizer Conference Planning Department


Robot SICO being embraced at a medical conference

Take a look at our CLIENT LIST. There’s a reason we continue to work with such impressive companies. They trust us to represent them professionally with wit, sensitivity and technical reliability. We are Hug Collectors, and our clients love us for it.

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