Video by Jason Doornick

In a joint effort by Vice President Jason Doornick of International Robotics inc, and uFlex, a recycling campaign is underway spearheaded by Robot Millennia.

To meet the needs of India and earth, IRI client – uFlex of India – hopes to inspire a Recycle to Repurpose reflex in everyone for the future health of our planet.

Garbage & pollution in India - Robot Millennia helps

Polluted banks of the Mahal River

To educate India on the new recycling abilities of uFLEX recycling plant in Noida, India, our client has been working with Jason Doornick and Robot Millennia to promote, educate and inspire individuals all across India on how to turn trash into money. Robot Millennia is successfully creating a positive reaction and drawing media attention to this profoundly urgent issue. The uFLEX system will allow participants to bring recyclables and certain trash materials to a recycling center near their sector.


India is divided into sectors, for example, New Delhi has 138 sectors or more to help identify the area it occupies. Similar to zipcodes, every new city starts off with a Sector One designation to as many sectors as deemed necessary. When depositing the recyclables at the participating recycling center, participants will be given points for their trash/recyclables which can then be redeemed at a vending machine (a large store that is run by a computer, not your typical Coca Cola machine) in exchange for shirts, hats, sandals, hygiene kits, minutes to their cell plane, water, medical kit supplies, prepaid cards for food, jewelry, medicine, etc.

To convert the perception of useless garbage into a national “reflex” to repurpose for rewards is a joint campaign that Robot Millennia is proud to participate in.

uFLEX wants to encourage people in India to view their current garbage and pollution crisis as an ongoing profitable entrepreneurial venture. A new perception could be: “Oh look, my entire street that I sleep on is full of money, let me just carry it to a recycling center and get free water.”