Gort the robot - The Day the Earth Stood Still


How the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” – inspired the first Techo-Marketing Robot from IRI.

It goes to show once again, that persistence pays off. Robert Doornick, President of International Robotics Inc, was completely captivated by the landmark 1951 science fiction film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Although profoundly impressed by the enlightened alien scenario and message of peace it was the silent but deadly robot, “Gort” that kept him spellbound. Robert Doornick was five years old. He thought robots should be friendly.

It’s now 1975. Doornick is 29. He creates International Robotics Inc. determined to develop entertainment robots who are friendly, engaging and non-threatening. The old image you see above depicts the first prototype of SICO in 1975 appearing live on a French TV program called, “France Inter.” And here’s the fascinating part; the response to SICO’s appearance was so intense, it surprised everyone EXCEPT Doornick, who sensed the exciting possibilites and human interest in friendly robots. It would take much dedication and persistence for SICO to evolve into Millennia, but Doornick is nothing if not persistent.

For over 40 years, Doornick has dedicated himself to creating his trademarked Techno-Marketing concepts, along with a fleet of friendly, world class robots. He believes now more than ever, that not only products should be promoted, but also kindness and compassion. IRI’s philosophy is that humor is often the best conduit to understanding one another.

And his son, VP of International Robotics, Jason Doornick, also believes in friendly robots. The family tradition lives on.

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