Birthday scene in the movie, “ROCKY IV,” with IRI robot, SICO.

Robot Rentals in the Entertainment Industry, as Crowd Attractions, and in Live Events is Increasing

Several generations of exposure to technology have brought robots into our lives and culture. The simple fact is…robots keep visitors engaged. More and more robots appear in movies, games and as toys. Robots appeal to all generations from Baby Boomers and up but particularly to Generations X, Y and Z because technology has been omnipresent and engaging since childhood. As they gain purchasing power, it is more important than ever for companies to understand how Gen X, Y & Z’s consume content, especially considering that they account for a large percentage of the U.S. population.

For these Generations, technology is a Lifestyle and robots are part of that landscape. Increasingly, entertainment robots perform at events, trade shows and major PR Launches. Since 1975, IRI robots have also been rented for Goodwill Tours, school presentations, product launches, meetings, and special events.

• Rental robots from International Robotics appeal to Generations X, Y, and Z
• Rental robots from IRI are an affordable way to attract large audiences
• Rental robots from IRI are user-friendly and non-threatening.
• IRI Rental robots can sing, dance and interact with your customers re-enforcing your message
• And our robots have traveled the world. We have the experience and professionalism that is virtually unmatched in this business.
• Lastly, we are pioneers of Techno-Marketing™ solutions

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