Robot GEMO was hired by the event planning company, SIMPLE CREATIONS, for the prestigious Event Planner Expo in New York October 1 – 3, 2019. Robot GEMO attracted crowds wherever he roamed and delighted visitors from around the world.

Attendees at this year’s Event Planner Expo didn’t just include individuals with the title “Event Planner.” More than 3,000 people were there – CEOs, corporate decision-makers, business owners, C-Level Executives, Sales and Marketing VPs, Creative Directors, Sponsorship Directors, PR Executives, HR Professionals, and Corporate Event Managers in the Event Planning, Hospitality, Sales, PR, Marketing, Media, and HR industries, along with various other corporate decision-makers all planning innovative, large-budget events for their companies.

Event Planners Expo NY - Caterers

Event Planners Expo NY – AMAZING GEODE CAKE

And because food is so much a part of any event, there were extraordinary displays of every conceivable kind. As Julia Child once remarked, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” Cake, cake and more cake. Stunning, inventive displays of confections.

On behalf of SIMPLE CREATIONS, Robot GEMO went visiting other booths drawing large crowds as he interacted with caterers, bakers, chefs, and many other participating companies offering their unique services for corporate and personal events. If robots could eat, he would have blown his batteries with butterscotch ganache.

The Event Planner Expo in NYC is the #1 trade show for networking, gaining industry insights, and achieving unparalleled business exposure.

IRI robots can not only roam a world-class Expo like this, but are also capable of engaging with participants, visitors and the media. Our robots command attention at large events because they are life-sized, can sing, dance, carry a passenger, and converse in many languages. Despite magicians, illusionists, cutting-edge scooters, and other entertainments, Robot GEMO gathered the biggest, most attentive crowds for dances and photo ops everywhere he went but especially for the client who hired him – SIMPLE CREATIONS.


  • IRI Robots have the experience to handle any situation
  • Draw large, attentive crowds to hear your message
  • Create memorable interactions that visitors associate with your product or service
  • Represent you with humor, class and effectiveness
  • Speak many languages
  • Are experienced world travelers
  • Lastly, International Robotics is the pioneer of Techno-Marketing™ solutions

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